Blog aggregation by your community, for your community.

A planet is a collection of posts from many different blogs, all somewhat related to one topic. It's a great way to keep tabs on a subject, a community, a technology, a team, a project or anything else that attracts a diverse range of bloggers.

Community. Planets are a great way to focus and foster community. It's easy to get everybody in the community talking with each other when you're all reading each other's blogs!

Curation. One-stop curation allows a planet to become the definitive collection of news about a topic. Each planet is a feed that can be imported into an RSS reader. Planets allow you to pull together the best blogs about a topic so others don't have to do the leg work. And you can get your entire audience reading the newest blogs simply by updating the planet.

Early News. Many planets collect the personal blogs of the people who work on a project. Often the interesting developments that will eventually become front-page news on a project start as small personal milestones. If you want to know where a project is going, watch its planet. That's where all the early action is.

How others are using Planeteria:

Planet Outreach

Planet for paticipants of the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Outreachy program, for mentors for the program from backgrounds underrepresented in FOSS, and for other initiatives and people working on improving diversity in the space.

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